upholstery cleaning spring, the woodlands, tx

Lone Star Extreme Clean upholstery services are proven to reduce bacteria, dust mites, dander and allergens in fabrics. Our custom cleaning solutions are safe and effective and leave your sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman or mattress clean and smelling great! Whether your issue is pet odor, food or beverage stains, pet markings or or high traffic.


Many of the side effects of dirty upholstery are due to bacteria growth over time. The bacteria are caused by spilling drink beverages or eating on furniture. Other forms of contamination are from pet dander, dust, dust mites, mold and mildew, and daily use. These issues continue to get worse if not treated and can cause health problems (such as common cold and allergens).

Many people have allergy issues year-round from high levels of pollen. Pollen is similar to the same type of allergy issues a dirty chair or sofa can cause. These symptoms can often be decreased dramatically by having your carpet and upholstery cleaned.  Removal of dust particles that reside on the furniture will ensure a healthier environment.


When cleaning upholstery it’s important to know the type material being cleaned. If not, you run the risk of permanently damaging the fabric. Our technicians are trained to recognize the way each type of fabric should be cleaned in order to ensure the process achieves results safely! We also test all fabric before cleaning.

Lone Star Extreme Clean technicians go that extra mile to not only clean, but also restore your fine-looking upholstery items. Upholstery drapes are a prime example of “dust collectors” that need an essential cleaning periodically. When pets are allowed on the furniture they easily can create a mess of stains, dander, and pet hair. Also, pets can leave unpleasant odors that latch onto fabrics. To eliminate pet odor from your upholstery fabrics, bacteria needs to be flushed from the fabric. After a round of effective steam cleaning, your fabrics will look, feel and smell sparkling new!
Best of all, our custom cleaning solutions are fabric, people and pet safe! These products will not damage or fade your fabric and leave no chemical residue or odor. We use high-powered extraction equipment to remove the toughest stains and odor. Our process is the most recommended way to clean upholstery safely with no adverse affects. Our equipment is maintained and cleaned daily for optimum performance. This ensures a cleaner, healthier environment.


Every six months you should have your furniture cleaned. Bacteria are everywhere and can begin to grow in a short period of time, especially on furniture that is used daily. Eating and drinking on furniture, as well as poorly filtered air, can increase the bacteria flow into your home. Your sofa, chair, ottoman, etc., are perfect breeding environments for these types of issues. Our highly trained technicians and custom cleaning solutions will remove stains and bacteria caused by food or drink spills, leaving your home cleaner and healthier.


upholstery cleaning spring, the woodlands TX